Maria Island National Park & World Heritage Area, Eastern Tasmania Level 3: Performing Wilder


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



Maria Island is a truly unique place.

It provides the ideal combination of diverse trails, wide open spaces to roam freely, nature, history and that sensation of being on a remote island paradise.

It rewards those who seek to explore wilder! The route begins in the Darlington historic precinct and then climbs to the summit of Bishop & Clerk via the Fossil Cliff tops.

It returns the same way before taking a detour via the lower slopes of the Fossil Cliffs where you can browse amongst the rocks for fossils.

From here you can return to Darlington for a rest and to refill your supplies, before heading towards Mt Maria via the Oast House, a quiet nook of the island.

From the summit of Mt Maria you will catch remarkable views to the southern isthmus of the island, as well as mainland Tasmania.

Returning from Mt Maria your final stop will be the Painted Cliffs.

Hopefully you will arrive at low tide and be rewarded with the ability to hop carefully under the cliffs to catch their full beauty.

The final stretch will be a short run over the hill to Darlington for a well-earned swim!