Explore a series of artworks inspired by the peaceful forests which house them


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The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail is a collection of outdoor sculptures, which - according to the official brochure - are "inspired by the unique heritage of this forest".

The route we've drawn here is a public art trail that showcases works by local, national and international artists, displayed within the scenic surroundings of the forest.

It can done in either direction and can also be completely ignored (!) in favour of just wandering around and following your nose to whatever looks interesting.

The sculptures range in style and medium, with some being abstract and others being representational.

Many of the sculptures are made from natural materials such as stone and wood, blending seamlessly into the forest environment.

Some of the sculptures are interactive, inviting visitors to touch, move, or play with them, while others are more traditional, standing as standalone objects for observation.

The age of your companions might dictate which sculptures you spend longest at, with the more interactive ones generally holding the kids' interests longer than the contemplative ones! Visitors to the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail can expect to see a diverse range of contemporary art, with works that are thought-provoking, playful, and sometimes surprising.

It is a unique and memorable experience, combining a beautiful natural setting with an engaging display of art.

If that, combined with some lovely quiet forests and a great little cafe at the carpark, sounds like your thing, then head to Gloucestershire and get strolling! And if you'd like something a little more adventurous, there's even a high ropes course right next to the sculpture hike!