A mellow little peak which offers a variety of nice descents.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



If avalanche conditions are scary, or if you just fancy a cruisy day and some nice views, this is a great place to come.

The ascent is mellow and quite brief so it's quite a steady little half day trip.

The skiing is equally steady so don't expect adrenaline-packed big mountain skiing here, this is a chilled tour for when you don't want any stress. The ascent begins with very mellow skinning up through trees which are home to a reindeer farm.

Make sure not to disturb the animals but enjoy looking at them relaxing and munching on their food. As you emerge from the trees you'll enter the huge, wide and vague valley east of Lille Blåmannen's summit.

Climb this to reach the vague east ridge of Lille Blåmannen and climb just to the left of this up and through a series of bowls to reach the summit. The view from the top is wonderful and it's a great place from where to get your bearings; the Tromsø area and the peaks of Kvaløya are all visible. On the ski down there are countless options to take.

Most people simply follow the ascent route, but it's possible to ski the huge valley just about anywhere.

Seek out the best snow and the best terrain appropriate to the weather and conditions. It's quite easy to get slightly carried away on the ski and then end up on flat terrain, so use our gradient tool to make sure you're always heading for an incline of some sort!