kunanyi / Mt Wellington Park, Southern Tasmania Level 3: Performing Wilder


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The geodiversity of the Wellington Range provides the physical foundation for the landscape, ecosystems and character of Wellington Park and rationale for selecting this exciting route. Vistas down Snake Plains; a majestic river crossing; a steep climb to Cathedral Rock; ups and downs on the Montagu Thumbs; leaping Wellington Falls; and the finale - rock hopping the Potato Fields.

Check the map at The Springs to locate your start at Milles Track.

After 2.5km turn left (South) down the Snake Plains Track. Follow for 2.8km (5.3km) turning right onto the Pipeline Track for 1.4km (6.7km) to a fire trail on the left to the NW Bay River. Zig Zag down for 0.8km (7.5km) looking for cairns marking the river entry and exit.

On exit look for a meandering foot track. Turn right at the Betts Road to Cathedral Rock Track, then zig zag up to a steep climb onto Cathedral Rock at 884m ASL.

Stay mostly high on the ridgeline to navigate the Montagu Thumbs dropping left from time to time.

After crossing the last of the “Thumbs” the track will be narrow and scrubby but eventually breaks out into a vague fire trail.

At 13.0km turn right to the spectacular Wellington Falls.

Note: Straight ahead goes to Big Bend via Thark Ridge (6.0km). Follow route marked with rock cairns for 1km.

The final 100m drops steeply to the River above the Falls.

Check river height! After crossing take the first “Wellington Falls Track” that climbs steeply to the left.

At this point you could also consider a quick in/out visit to the Falls Lookout. Back on route, go up through forest, flattening out in marshy ground and forest then across the famous “Potato Fields”.

Look out for the “Disappearing Tarn” (Pseudo-karst Depression) before continuing to The Springs via the Milles Track. Wildertrails.com.au