An easily-accessible shuttle route off of Guardsman Pass Road


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Park City was the first mountain bike destination to become a Gold-Level IMBA Ride Center.

In fact, they helped write the guidelines for what a destination needs to offer to receive IMBA's gold-level rating.

As you might imagine, the trail network in and around Park City is exceedingly complex, with a multitude of options.

Mapped here is one excellent shuttle route off of Guardsman Pass Road, down through Park City Mountain Resort, ending in Park City.

This route takes Corvair to TG to Payroll to Mid Mountain, and ends on CMG to Eagle to Spiro—although many other routes exist.

Corvair begins with great swoop and flow up high, dropping into the more difficult and higher-speed Payroll trail—one of the highlights of this route! The high-speed singletrack swoops across a gulley with bermed turns.

Chunky rocks and small drops along the straight portions of Payroll give it a black-diamond rating. Lower down, the route follows a portion of the Mid Mountain Trail—a local classic in its own right.

Check out the separate trail description for a loop that's focused primarily on Mid Mountain.

Finally, the route finishes on classic Park City Mountain Resort singletrack with CMG and Eagle.

With an enduro flavor on black dirt trails punctuated by the occasional switchback, these trails flow fast and fun despite a few awkward corners. While this route serves as a great shuttle run, most of these trails can be ridden using the chairlifts at Park City Mountain Resort as well.