Day tour from Oguna ski resort


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



Nice round loop from Oguna ski resort. If the weather is nice there is good view to all around mountains.

As verry few people go up to this summit, the down hill is extremelly nice snow. There are quite some steep an exposed part, including cliff to avoid.

So plan in advance. Steps: - You need to register at Oguna-station - up the top lift, go to Mae-Otaka - Go down to the next pass - If the weather is so bad, you can go down and get back to the resort. (But if the weather is still good, let's continue). - From the pass keep the level arround the next mountain, it can be quite steep at some point, ski crampon is better. - You arrive at the next pass - Go up to Ie no Kuchi - Enjoy the view - On the wait down CARE FOR THE CLIFS. - The is one gully quite exposed to possible avalance.

So go 1 by 1.

Care for the avalanche danger reports.

After a big snow drop, better not to pass here, there is alternate rout on the left of the cliff, less exposed.

- otherwize, this donw section is verry nice.

- Once you are down the valey continue to where is stack to be a shoke point - Then climb back on the right to get back to the resort. - A last run to get back to the ski slopes. If the weather is bad you can take the shorter rout.