Despite being easily-accessible, Upper Loop can be a punishing ride.


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Upper Loop is easily-accessible from both the town of Crested Butte and the resort town of Mount Crested Butte.

Shown here is a loop route, but riders can also use the free bus to get a lift up the mountain.

While Upper Loop is easily accessible via a variety of means, that doesn't mean this trail is easy.

Yes, some sections are flowy, but many others are filled with rocks and roots, including some long, gnarly rock gardens.

Technical up-and-down sections can prove punishing, with techy climbs out of gullies.

Where the singletrack crosses old rock slides and washouts, scree fills the trail.

That's not to say this trail isn't high quality singletrack—far from it! The narrow bench cut trail clings to the steep sides of Mount Crested Butte, providing gorgeous views of the town of Crested Butte below and the surrounding mountains.

The final rip down Whetstone Vista included in this route is an enduro rider's dream, making this a rewarding after work or evening ride for the advanced mountain biker. For riders searching for a true beginner mountain bike experience, check out the Lower Loop trail on the other side of Crested Butte.