A beautiful steep face which can lapped all day


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Easily accessed from the Ymir Lodge, this is an epic ski face which can be lapped all day.

That said, the face is essentially one big terrain trap covered in smaller terrain traps, so make sure conditions are good before getting involved with the steeper and more exposed lines.

The bowl provides access to Wildhorse Peak and Qua Peak too, so it's the start point for many Ymir adventures. The line we've drawn here will take you to the highest accessible point of the bowl (the higher sections are blocked by huge cornices) and begins with a descent down the huge broad gully on skier's left of the face.

After this we've shown a good ascent route which goes up the patch of trees in the middle of the face.

The skinning up through the trees is steep in places, but the trees you're passing through are old, and old for a reason - they've never been knocked over by avalanches! Surrounded by avalanche chutes and steep terrain, these trees are one of the more sheltered parts of this face and make for a good way of accessing the skier's right side of the bowl. Needless to say, the Morning Glory Wall can be skied just about anywhere, so go and take a look for yourself, and pick your poison! With everything from dense trees to bowls and gullies, there really is something for every good skier here.

There isn't much mellow terrain at all, but for those with the skills required, spending a day here and lapping everything in sight in highly recommended!