(Sierra de la Horconera, P.N. Sierras Subbéticas de Córdoba)


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This is an impressive and surprising mountain route through the most rugged and steep area of the Subbética mountain range in Córdoba's Natural Park.

It is located in the southern sector of these mountains, in the Sierra de la Horconera, where the highest altitudes of the Park and the province of Córdoba are found, with Tiñosa (1,568 m) and Pico Bermejo (1,474 m), the latter being the objective of this route. Although the altitude of these mountains is quite modest, their privileged geographical position makes them unparalleled vantage points from which we can see a large part of Andalusia.

Unfortunately, we did not have a clear enough atmosphere to fully enjoy them. The route, although of moderate distance, is quite demanding due to the steep terrain in which part of it takes place, where we walk without a trail or at most by scant goat paths through rocky and thorny scrubland like the annoying aulagas.

However, almost the entire journey through the most uncomfortable part of the route is marked with stone landmarks to facilitate orientation. In addition to the attraction of traversing such a rugged and alpine area, where we can enjoy extensive panoramic views, we also enter groves and holm oak and century-old cork oak forests, old mountain farms, farmland, and ascend to the wall and Almohad cistern of the Jardín del Moro, which gives an anthropic touch to such a harsh landscape. Author: alexandermágina