Excellent steep tree skiing which is possible in bad visibility


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



If you get these lines in stable conditions then you're in for a treat - they feature some steep tree skiing in a spectacular spot perched high above Qua Lake. The day starts with a traverse across to the steep-ish slope down to Qua Lake.

It adds a transition to your day, but doing this traverse with skins on is easier than trying to push/pole it.

Once above the lake, rip skins and enjoy some excellent tree skiing down en route down to the shore. Put skins on again and cross the lake before making the steep and - at times - technical ascent up a heavily tree-d shoulder.

There are some sections of the ascent which pass through serious avalanche terrain, and parts of it also enjoy a view down onto your descent routes. The first descent we've shown is down a steep face directly above Qua Lake.

The skiing is fabulous, but at around 40 degrees, the slope is a prime location for an avalanche so only commit to it if you're as sure as you can be that conditions are stable.

Once back down at the lake, reascend your skin track and then follow the blunt ridge crest which leads to a less densely tree-d gully.

Rip down the gully - which is longer but mellower than the first run - and then skin back to the lake, and continue on up to the Ymir Lodge.