A European-style hut close to the resort


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Kees and Claire hut is a great spot for a first hut experience for those starting to get their confidence in the backcountry.

Both an easy access point for the below 30-degree slopes around oboe and quick access to the steeper cowboy ridge it's a brilliant point to hang out and tour back to. The hut itself is the most kitted out you'll find in the Sea to Sky.

Inspired by the more glamorous European hut experience, the hut comes with a drying room, a full kitchen with gas and heated living areas.

Providing you can carry in and out your food it's not uncommon for full glamorous roasts to smell up the cabin.

It's maintained by a hut warden and runs off an online booking system, so bookings must be done in advance or there'll be someone in your “would be” bed! As the hut is the first of the three planned huts for the "Spearhead hut system" to start your tour into the whistler backcountry through relatively mellow slopes and into the hut.

The whole hike goes through the most mellow slopes you can, only reaching a 20-degree max gradient along its 6km duration, its estimated to take around 2-3 hours for the walk-in so it can be done in the morning leaving you the day to settle in and ski, or in the evening for a good nights rest, providing you can get in before the lifts close.

For more serious charges, the hut system looks onto the majestic fissile peak, with plenty of lines from hardcore to really hardcore.

Other than just to marvel at, or to really send it, these lines are just impressive.

And obviously, just keep walking and there's more and more stuff along the spearhead right up until you get back to Blackcomb.

For those looking for some more mellow times, the cowboy ridge is a great spot right from the hut, with the further you get from the hut the steeper the lines, it's got something for everyone! With bad visibility, this can be a much challenging approach due to it all being in the alpine.