steep, narrow liftline descent with cliffs.









FATMAP difficulty grade



As you ride up the worth mountain triple chair lift you will see that the trail beneath your feet is skied.

there are 3 main entrances.

the 1st entrance is from the top that is sometimes closed if it is, don't ski from there.

but there is an exception sometimes they don't open it even when conditions are great if so and conditions are great then ski it.

the next entrance is the second entrance this one is a traverse you can go up it either side the side closer to allen is a better idea because it is a bit downhill while the other side is uphill.

then the most common entrance to the 3rd entrance is a bit hard itself but once you get to the worth liftline it's a lot easier.

anyways about the trail itself the top part is mostly covered by a massive cliff (don't worry there is no way you can go off it as long as you stick to the trail.) and it's very, very narrow that is what you get if you go from the 1st entrance (the only thing its worth is bragging rights) then after that is second entrance this gives access to the steepest part you can go to either side but you will notice i you stick to far left there is a cliff but you will see it from the lift.

then the 3rd entrance doesn't give access to much id rate it a blue square.