2 of upper austrias most famous peaks in 1 day


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start at parking ground polsterluke and follow signed way to PRIELSCHUTZHAUS where you can refill water; short way after the hut follow alpine path 201/4 to spitzmauer; later on this path devides into path 264 "normalweg spitzmauer" or you stay on 201/4 which turns left hand to use the via Ferrata (fastest way) towards spitzmauer; both paths will come together later on (264 ends in 201/4 in the final ascent) at the top of spitzmauer you will find an copper edelweiss instead of a summit cross.

enjoy the marvelous view around and to your next destination GROSSER PRIEL! descent on path 201/4 until it flows into 264 normalweg again and follow 264 until the crossing of path 263.

follow 263 until the next crossing and then turn right towards gr.

Priel Path 262.

follow 262 until it flows into path 260 right on the ridge of großer Priel.

you can see the huge red summit crossing of großer Priel most of the time now. from the Peak of großer Priel you will again experience a marvoulous view around the area.

DESCEND via path 260 and Brotfallscharte to get back tu the alpine hut PRIELSCHUTZHAUS. ATTENTION: very long tour to do in one day! will need propper preparation of navigation and hydration as well as good physical and wether conditions! If you have doubts split in 2 days with a nice overnight stay at Prielschutzhaus!