The Last Duel Trail Race features autumn woodland trails, with some exposed sections above the Den Burn


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The Last Duel trail race passes the memorial of the last duel in Scotland, which took place in August 1826.

The race is usually run in autumn when you can enjoy the colours of the leaves. The route is a mix of gravel and woodland trails, with some tarmac sections.

Trail shoes are highly recommended as the route includes mud, rocks, and tree roots.

The route is marked with yellow arrows on trees and rocks, but these can be easy to miss if you've got your head down! The first loop around Sunnyside and New Carden Plantations is the easier section, although the slope towards Cardenden shouldn't be underestimated.

Navigation can be an issue in Sunnyside, especially with the first right turn (look for arrows on the trees), and where the route doubles back (there's a wider gap in the trees and you can see arrows further up the slope) Once the first section is complete, head back out towards the farm road but turn left over the A92 and pass the Last Duel memorial. Turning into the woods along the Den Burn, you follow a forestry track before crossing a plank to the western section.

This is where the terrain becomes more exciting and care needs to be taken with tree roots and slaloming trees.

On reaching the Den Burn again, there is a bridge, but the race runs through the burn on the left hand side.

Turn left and follow the forestry track until you reach the stairs on the right-hand side.

Climb up the stairs and turn right, once more following technical trails above the den (and following the fence line on your left-hand side).

Emerging from the trees, the farm road is visible again and the final run back to the finish.