An easy tour 30-minutes from downtown Squamish with lots of lap-able, low gradient stuff, and a warming hut with a wood stove!


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Red Heather Hut is a popular zone for locals to ski-tour located 4KM up the Elfin Lakes / Diamond Head Trails from the Diamond Head parking lot.

While a day-use only hut, you can often find it stocked with firewood and a wood stove to warm up in, and picnic tables to eat lunch at and locals to chat with.

Depending on how much of a walk you'd like to go for, you can skin up another 30 - 60 minutes up towards the summit of Round Mountain to gain a bit more vertical, and lap that! The uphill route is typically very well marked as it's a popular spot for skiers and snowshoers.

Most of the terrain in this area is low-gradient, so perfect for conservative days, or going on a walk + ski with your pup! Once you're done for the day, just ski down the Elfin Lakes Trail that you came up to the parking lot! Keep an eye out for snowshoers though! Keep in mind you'll need chains to get to the upper lot, otherwise you'll have to hitch a ride, or add an extra ~2km to your approach! Trailhead: