ADK mountain DIY Ski Challenge...using the backcountry ski routes of the Legendary Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannsen



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Originally posted by johannsen_last_call on Instagram. What is this you ask? It’s what you all have been waiting for (or not)...

the DIY Johannsen’s Last Call (JLC) Adirondack backcountry ski odyssey 🤘🏻 Start: Adirondack Loj using Old Marcy Trail to the cut over to Algonquin hiking trail then to Wright Peak summit via hiking trail then down Wright Peak ski trail followed by a quick jaunt over Whale's Tail ski trail to Marcy Dam, then up to touch Avalanche Lake, then turn around and back down to Marcy Dam.

Next up you will slog your way to the summit of Marcy and retrace your steps back down the luge run of the Marcy Ski trail.

Once you reach the dam...

get your kick and glide on and ski to the Mr.

Van Ski trail.

Take the Mr.

Van trail up to Mt.

Van Hovenberg nordic trails...

From there it’s your choice on how to get to the Cascade Bar as fast as you can! It’s roughly 28 miles and 7,500 ft of vert Disclaimer: Don’t be stupid and only attempt if you're confident in your backcountry ski abilities! Remember this is supposed to fun! And not to be a jerk but if you can’t figure out the route from the post then you probably shouldn’t do this! Yes… the final 3 miles are ambiguous to some but that is part of the whole adventure.

Do your research!