Berms in the desert?! Yes, you'll find sections of beautiful machine-built flow trail on this desert mountain bike loop—and so much more!


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The Jackrabbit Loop is the best beginner-friendly loop through what's referred to as either the "Jackrabbit Trails" or the "Logandale Trails," depending on who you ask.

The ride begins by climbing the Warmup Loop trail, then connects to the core Jackrabbit Loop. The vast majority of this ride is smooth, flowy, and largely non-technical.

The singletrack undulates along desert ridges, dropping steeply into the bottom of some washes and rocketing back up the other side.

The swoop and flow of this route are so superb that even advanced-level mountain bikers will have a fun time on Jackrabbit.

It's possible for advanced riders to add on optional alternate trails off of Jackrabbit for additional mileage and challenge, but even still, the core Jackrabbit Trail is great on its own. The swoopy machine-built sections are interspersed throughout this loop.

These trails quite obviously began life as old-school renegade singletrack and have since been updated and improved with some sections of modern trail building.

Even though the machine-built sections aren't continuous, some of the classic stretches of singletrack in between are absolutely fantastic in their own right, especially one short section where the trail passes through a miniature slot canyon! Jackrabbit is a surprising gem in an unassuming area.

Be sure to put it on your hitlist.