Mostly flat, varied easy bike ride ending with an ice cream!


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The trail starts at the end of Bailey Street downtown and heads North on the dirt road (now closed to cars) along the train track.

Riding North, with the Estuary on your left and the train tracks on your right, on a clear day take in the stunning view of Garibaldi.

Duck into the trail into the forest on your left and continue past the open sandy patch.

Glance back at the incredible towering Chief behind you and watch out for dog walkers ahead.

Cross over the dirt Spit road and continue through the forest.

Notice how the trees and plants have changed compared to the previous forest section.

This part is usually less busy, though in Spring, Fall and Summer months watch out for Bears.

Be bear aware! The track heads uphill briefly as you join the gravel path where you'll continue North (slight right turn) onto the Dkye.

Continue following the Dyke with the Squamish River to your right.

You'll pass the railway museum on your left.

As the trail turns towards the right where the Squamish and Mamquam rivers meet there is a beautiful photo opportunity on your left of the Mamquam river.

In the Autumn you may spot a bald eagle or two in the trees along the river! Ride over the train tracks turn right onto the raised sidewalk of the road for one minute as you use the crossings to cross safely onto the paved bike path on the left hand side of the road.

Continue under the highway South and cross the road to your right to join the Sea to Sky trail passed Brennan Park and Southbound through the forest.

As you ride South you can pop off left into the trail through the forest or continue along the paved trail.

This easy bike route can be done anytime there's not too much snow and it's possible for kids to join or to tow a Thule Chariot behind you as we do! In the Winter months a stop at the adventure centre for a coffee at the end is a must.

In the Summer months Narwhals ice cream by the Squamish Hostel is a great hang out spot.

The trail finishes with the Mamquam blind channel on your left and you can easily follow the paved trail back under the highway, link up on Pemberton, 3rd Ave then Bailey and do the loop all over again!