A steep and beautiful line, that rarely comes into ski shape.


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Yale Gully is normally a WI2-3 ice climb with snow sections in between, but unlike Odell's and Damnation, there are seasons in which enough of the ice is covered to make a ropeless descent.

This one gets sun early and bakes throughout the day, so be sure to keep your eye on the temperature and the clock.

Climbing the route is likely a good idea, so you can scope out the sneak around for the ice bulges.

The line begins with a rolling entrance, followed by a big rock in the middle, avoid this to skiers right.

Enter a steep couloir with excellent skiing.

Next comes the crux, this is usually an ice bulge, but in good years, it's just a constriction you can side slip through.

At the next ice bulge, look for a snow ledge you can use to sneak left and avoid it, by traversing to a small dog leg.

Ski out and enter a large open snowfield above the most prominent ice, enjoy these turns, but don't miss your traverse left, it's your last chance to sneak around the ice! Ski a long, skinny chute, avoiding a cliff at the very bottom by traversing right into the same gully Diagonal finishes into.

Look back and enjoy it, you just skied one of the most rare and unique lines in the range!