Another Classic.









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Another Classic.

From the Waidofen high-speed chair step-up the few meter Wall right in front of you.

Unless the snow-base is huge you now see a sign made skis (see pics) on the right side.

Left of you rises the peak of Pfaffenbichl.

Traverse alongside without losing altitude, usually easiest on skins until you see a gap in the rock on the left.

It is usually easiest to just hike up here for 10 mins before traversing the rest to the entrance into the run.

If the snow is too deep, stay low and zig-zag up below the ridge, both options are possible.

A little further skiers right the connection from Mayrhofen feeds in, so I would generally not recommend to pass Kleiner Gilfert on the back side. Once at the entrance the options are vast.

Surprisingly this run doesn't get many tracks.

From here route finding is obvious, the run ends in Superbowl spitting you out in Hochfuegen again, for another treat. This year (Feb 2023) conditions in general in the Alps were dismal, we had a base of sth like 150cm up here and maybe 1m in the valley which for the time of the year is low, yet...

skiing was epic.