Stormoa is the 2nd highest peak on Senja - combined with Litjemoa it makes a great trip


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Stormoa is the second highest peak on fantastic Senja.

Stormoa offers raw views, fine skiing and zero approach.

Surely this is the recipe for a good ski mountain? We combined Stormoa with neighboring Litjemoa. The starting point for the tour is at Krokelvvatnet at 280 m above sea level.

It is about 40 kilometers to drive from Brua på Silsand.

There is a large parking lot here. From the car park, the climb starts immediately and you follow a stream valley in a north-easterly direction for a short kilometer before the route turns east towards the pass between Stormoa and Tverrfjellet.

You reach the pass at just over 700 m above sea level.

From here you can choose whether you want to cross up the steep south-east facing flank at the back or follow the ridge to the top.

When the sun had left the flank we could drive down, we took off our skis and followed the ridge to the top. The back is decent, but a bit airy in some places, so on hard roads it might be good to have crampons and an ice ax.

From the airy top there is probably a raw view, although we were cheated of the view by a cloud of snow that settled around the top just before we got up.

In good conditions, we skied down to approx.

400 m above sea level, before putting on the traps and starting the climb towards Litjemoa.

We traversed west so that we could eventually go straight up the south flank to Litjemoa.

The last 100 meters in height are probably close to 35 degrees steep.

We put down our skis and walked the last bit to the top.

From here we got occasional views. We drove down towards the trap exchange area and followed the route down to the car.

Here, too, the skiing was very good.