Narrow fun road









FATMAP difficulty grade



Fun, Semi Narrow, snow covered road.

This line fallows a road that isn't maintained and isn't open to driving in the winter.

The road is occasionally used by snowmoberles to access their houses at the top of the road.

This line overall is pretty tame off-piste skiing with great views of the valley.

To access this head toward Olympian of chair lift.

Once you have reach the top of olympian ski down olympian until the trail widens above the headwall of Olympian.

Once you are here stay high and cut to your left.

Here you should see a break in the trees and a two houses when you get closer.

This is where the line begins.

Go into the opening in the trees and from here the line is self explanatory and easy to fallow.

Keep in mind there may be snowmobiles going up and down the road so listen for them and if you hear one pull off to the side of the tail until they pass.

This isn't a official ski trail so the snowmobilers have the right of way.

Keep in mind as well that this isn't a part of Greek Peak ski area.

This is out of bounds and ski patrol doesn't sweep or check this area so use you best judgement.