Tight, steep, technical often untouched glade.









FATMAP difficulty grade



If you have already skied Caesar's Palace proper and are looking for a challenge check out this glade.

This glade is anything off to skiers right when skiing down the top part of Caesar's Palace.

When skiing down Caesar's Palace keep looking to the right until you find a place you want to drop into.

This glade is very tight and steep with the upper part being around 40 degrees.

The upper part of the glade is the steepest then from there it going less steep until joining the bottom part of Caesar's Palace.

This glade is tight and finding a good line can be tricky.

Scoping out lines from the bottom and top while skiing Caesar's Palace is a good idea.

But when you do find a good line and there is enough snow depth it can be a really fun area.

The lines can be aggressive in this glade thanks to how tight it is.

A good test run for this is Spartan.

If you can ski spartan well then you can ski this zone.

This glade is not well known so it often has powder well after all the other glades are tracked out.

Keep in mind that this is not in bounds and ski patrol doesn't sweep this glade.

Tell people where you are going before skiing it and skiing it with friends is a good idea.