If something went wrong on Rollercoaster, this bailout route delivers the rider back to Finale Ligure


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The Rollercoaster Trail is now one of the most famous trails in the internationally-renowned mountain bike destination of Finale Ligure.

It also happens to be one of the longest single trails in the region and an all-out downhill rip, which guarantees a fun time! "Every mountain bike town has a trail called Rollercoaster, but few are this good," writes Flow Mountain Bike.

The Rollercoaster trail here in Finale Ligure lives up to its name with flowy banked turns, optional kickers providing sweet airtime, and rollers that can be popped off of as well.

Along with the flow comes the guaranteed rocks, roots, and drops to remind you that you're still mountain biking.

That said, overall this trail is accessible by upper intermediate riders.

If something went horribly wrong on Rollercoaster—such as a mechanical issue or an injury—this bailout option will deliver you back to downtown Finale Ligure with as little effort as possible.

Similarly, if you're only interested in the downhill ripping on Rollercoaster and have no interest of pedaling even one more vertical meter to access more singletrack, opting for this bailout will provide an easy, pain-free ending to this sweet descent. Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSzZfiWFc7w https://flowmountainbike.com/features/this-is-paradise-riding-finale-ligure/