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Starting and finishing at a beautiful country park and taking in a peaceful little lake as well as some fabulous countryside, this is a wonderful trip.

We've drawn a line which will lead you to the main attractions, but detour to your heart's content! Margam Park (the start and end point of the hike) is a beautiful parkland covering over 850 acres and features a variety of landscapes, including woodlands, hills, lakes, and gardens. The highlights of Margam Park include The Orangery (a beautiful 18th-century building which houses a café and visitor centre), Margam Castle: a Gothic-style mansion which was built in the 19th century and is one of the park's most impressive attractions, and a series of beautiful gardens and even a deer park! There is also an adventure playground to keep the little ones happy. Once you get hiking the crowds of Margam Park will feel like a distant memory, even more so when you reach the famous - and famously beautiful - Brombil Reservoir.

The reservoir was created in the early 20th century to supply water to the local steel industry, and it now serves as a popular destination hikers and cyclists. Fishing is also a popular activity at Brombil Reservoir, with a variety of fish species available, including brown and rainbow trout, perch, and roach.

Anglers can purchase permits and licenses from the local fishing club. Take your time getting back from the reservoir Margam Park and enjoy the wonderful Welsh countryside as you go!