What some may consider the safe way to access a great line in the Alpental Backcountry


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The Bryant Peak Couloir has gotten really popular over the past few years for obvious reasons.

It is a beautiful and super aesthetic line which because it is a gully usually holds good snow.

This route always causes a debate over the best way to access it.

Basically the question is should you directly climb it or wrap around then drop in from up top.

Because this place is soo popular in my opinion it is not safe to climb as you have no clue if someone is about to drop.

With that being said I will write how to climb and ride the line in a way which minimises avalanche danger in an obviously avalanche prone area. This tour starts in the Alpental Valley where you need to head northwest through the flats until arriving at Source Lake.

Start heading west within the trees of the Alpental Ski resort backcountry.

Make your way up through the trees until reaching the alpine just below Pineapple Pass.

Start heading north from bench to bench carefully wrapping around the East side of Bryant Peak just underneath the summits rock wall.

Be cautious as you are in a sketchy area but if the snow fills good make your way to the top of the couloir and climb the extra vert all the way to the col. The first few turns are on an open slope which gives you a feel for what to expect while riding down.

Once getting into the couloir itself make sure that you ride the line staggered and one person at a time traversing to the sidewall before your partner follows your tracks.

Soon enough you will reach the end of the chute and into the open apron below.

Once near the bottom of the valley make a hard cut to the skiers right and if high enough you will find yourself on the Alpental Backcountry return trail.

To see my trip in the area and more photos check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/snoqualmie-pass/bryant-peak-couloir/