A great way to access Snow Lake but also a good run on its own


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While this route is usually used to access snow lake that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great run on its own.

Not only does it offer some nice and semi steep turns but it also gives great views into the valley.

Standing on top you are directly below the upper headwall of Chair Peak with a sweeping view of the Snow Lake area.

Climbing wise there are trees for most of the slope and while avalanches do happen you can find a semi safe route all the way to the top. Leaving the Alpental ski area start heading up the valley towards Source Lake.

If you are starting after the ski resort has opened you should stay off the sidecountry traverse as people are skiing down fast.

A good alternative is to skin just a bit below the trail heading all the way to where the valley starts to rise. Standing at Source Lake start heading north up the slopes before heading up the northwest slope.

The route is quite straightforward and soon enough you will be above tree line and still gaining elevation.

By now the slope has mellowed out a bit but the last section is pretty steep to gain the actual ridge.

Once on top take some time to enjoy the views before following your skin track back down.

If you want to take another lap then just retrace your skin track but if you want to head back to the car go back on Alpental Sidecountry Traverse. To see my trip in the area and more photos check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/snoqualmie-pass/bryant-peak-couloir/