Another great south facing line within Glacier Basin


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While the Interglacier and Mount Ruth are two incredibly popular lines within Glacier Basin they aren’t the only ones.

Looking to the North there is a big and open bowl which has numerous options for ski descents directly back to glacier basin.

Being that this area is south facing it is more of a spring line in hopes of finding good corn.

That being said if it is an incredibly warm day there is a good chance that this place is a wet slide nightmare.

Just days after the White River Campground opened for the season we were making our way up the Glacier Basin trail.

Keeping it simple we just stayed on the trail until arriving in the alpine area trying to figure out what to ski for the day.

Looking to the north is nice bowl off of the Sub summit of the Third Burroughs.

Heading up the open slope we made our way all the way up to the high point before putting our snowboards on our feet. Dropping in it was a wet slide nightmare as we traversed into an open chute with all the snow below sliding.

After all the new snow had sluffed off we rode fall line all the way into the valley where we reconnected with the Glacier Basin Trail.

Not being happy with how the snow was reacting we decided to call it a day and hiked back down to the White River Campground.

While this tour wasn’t the smartest move at the time it would be great going early in the morning and getting much more stable conditions. To see my trip in the area and more photos check out this link