A stellar loop for the adventure minded. Moderate bushwhacking/trail finding and scrambling required.



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A stellar loop for the adventure minded.

Some moderate bushwhacking/trail finding is required.

For the full loop, park at the base of Pulpit Rock Trailhead in Nelson BC.

Follow the Pulpit trail to flagpole, and then continue on to the CBC tower.

From there, follow the FSR to Shannon pass, where you’ll briefly link with the road going east.

There will be a dirt bike trail to the northeast, or your left, it’s sandy and becomes open and dry here.

There is a wood bridge that crosses a stream at some point, be sure to fill up with water if low.

Follow the zig zagging dirt bag trail where it finally meets the crest of the shoulder where it then follows the ridge line towards Grohman peak.

There will be downed trees and log hoping but it’s worth it! You will encounter large boulders down a steep slope until you start climbing up Mt Grohman.

Some light scrambling and mild exposure in this section until you get to the top. Enjoy the views! And then keep following the ridge line, now looping back towards the Baldface lodge, it’s super fun here! You can choose to take a mountain bike trail down just before the lodge to cut off some distance, but it will be a steeper descent, that connects back to the FSR.

If you go the lodge route, you can follow the FSR down, all the way until you meet with Boven Rd at the bridge.

There take the left back towards pulpit and you’ve done the full loop!