If you’re looking for a beautiful, sub-alpine meadow, long run, this is it. It includes all of the Kokanee Glacier Park Trails.









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If you’re looking for a long run, this includes all of the Kokanee Glacier Park Trails.

This includes the Keyhole trail, Gibson Lake Trail, Helen Dean Wilderness Trail, Sapphire Lakes Trail and Enterprise Creek Wilderness Trail.

The Keyhole Trail is an unmarked spur off of the Gibson Lake Trail.

You will notice it on your right after gaining the majority of elevation towards Gibson Lake.

Zigzag your way up to a large boulder field, scramble over rocks to gain the col.

Feel free to gain the peak on either side of you.

Please note that the snowfield is very much a glacier with large crevasses and should not be crossed without crevasse rescue gear.

Follow your ascent route down to meet back with the Gibson Lake Trail. The Gibson Lake Trail meanders past the lake, (a great place to go for a refreshing swim), and many beautiful wildflower meadows, babbling brooks and the cabin.

The Helen Dean Wilderness Trail is an unmaintained trail that goes all the way to Kaslo.

It goes past an old cabin in the first few km’s and beyond.

The further you go the more unmaintained the trail becomes.

You will get views looking into the Keen Creek Valley. The Enterprise Creek Wilderness Trail is also unmaintained.

It start off in fairly good condition, but the closer you get to Tanal Lake, the more wild and overgrown it becomes.

The Sapphire Lakes trail is beautiful and highly recommended.

Take the leftmost turn at a junction between Sapphire Lakes and Tanal Lake.

Hike up through boulders and bedrock.

Once you gain the elevation it’s fairly smooth running to the Lakes.

The Lakes are picturesque with waterfalls and lush meadows, perfect for a picnic!