Two peaks close together with relatively short trails. Many larches for larch season!









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Accessed via Gray Creek Pass FSR, there is no cell phone service here and relatively low traffic.

Carry bear spray and a satellite device for safety.

The road is best for AWD and high clearance vehicles, though in summer conditions, likely a 2WD vehicle could make it fine.

Decide whether you want to run both peaks or one.

The distance (there and back) for Sphinx Peak is about ~8 km, and Thanksgiving Peak is a short 3km! Sphinx Peak is the larger and more northerly peak.

You follow an old mining gravelly and rocky road.

It becomes a faded single track when you hit the pass and follow it up through larch meadows.

The single track fades away and becomes "Choose your adventure" to the top.

It becomes rocky and lightly exposed depending on your route.

Thanksgiving peak is a short trail near the apex of Gray Creek Pass Rd.

There may be some old wood posts to mark the trailhead.

Follow the trail, single track to a boulder field, following the occasional cairn to the top.

You also go through larches and is quite nice during larch season!