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Crest and summit very little frequented, various factors constitute the little interest in this mountain: Length of the approaches, the quality of the very broken and even crumbled rock, as well as often covered by fine debris and the fact that the same is "suffocated" by the much higher and famous Tersiva.

The ridge as a whole is almost 4 km long, where apart from the last stretch you always have to be very focused. abonn à F Approaching Go up to Cogne and then take to Gimillan where there are convenient parking lots at the start of the path Description the Tersiva). From Gimillan climb the Gruason valley and reach the Colle della Tersiva (see itinerary for From the hill it turned left and the ridge immediately begins with a short but complicated stretch, smooth plates that crumble with fine debris that covers them, very dangerous, then the rock improves but the ridge becomes really sharp for a long stretch, obligation to stay on the wire where there is decent rock.

After this initial stretch, the ridge is made easier.

and the first important peak called Costa del Tessonet (3315) is reached.

Still on the wire, you go down to the following collar (3188) and go up to the top of Punta Tessonet (3263).

From the summit turn decidedly to the left and go down along the West ridge, first easy then you meet plates covered with fine debris really to be overcome with great caution.

The ridge continues with some difficulty to the Tessonet hill (3051).

From here I think you could go back down on the south side in the climb valley, but it is better to continue on the ridge now almost all walkable up to the summit of Gianni Vert (3150). From this you easily descend the North Ridge up to the first collar that you meet where turning left you descend easily for the end of debris and then grasslands until you resume the path that descends to Gimillan.

Up to the Tessonet hill the ridge is not easily abandoned, and in the first km I would say almost impossible