Family-friendly bike ride through Golden Gate Park to the beach.


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Golden Gate Park is a signature feature of San Francisco.

Green lawns, rolling hills, small lakes, and patches of forest make the setting for countless locals and visitors to recreate, relax, and enjoy a slice of nature in the city.

It also has many cultural attractions like museums, art exhibits, sports facilities, restaurants, and a Japanese tea garden. Many paths crisscross the grounds, which cover more than 1,000 acres.

The out and back mapped here utilizes a multi-use path running east-west through the center of the park.

Unlike most of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park does not have many steep hills.

The gentler terrain, along with a good mix of paved and unpaved off-street paths, makes it suitable for beginning cyclists to build skills.

The array of sights and activities in the park makes it perfect for a family outing.

The best time to bike here is on Sundays, when most of the park is closed to cars and it’s generally more peaceful. Not all trails in the park are open to bikes, however, so be sure to respect all signs and other users.

To access highlights like the tea garden and Stow Lake that are located near, but not on, the multi-use path, simply dismount and walk the short distance on connecting trails.

This route culminates at Ocean Beach, a sandy shore that’s very popular for sunbathing on nice days. Sources: