The best line on the face on a powder day









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This line is pretty much fall line from the moment you cross over the ridge when you first enter.

Getting over the ridge has a high degree of exposure over a pretty large cliff band, but if you were to fall, more likely than not you would tumble down the snow line and not over the cliff.

It looks scarier than it is. After descending about 75 vertical meters you enter the main part of the line, which is about 350 meters of perfect consistent 40 degree skiing.

On a pow day it can be pure joy.

If you are not early in, then you will start crossing many other tracks about 1/3 of the way down as others will have come into the apron from the second, and more common, entrance of Les Rossetts.

Be very, very careful on this line in the Spring as there is a massive cornice that builds above the top part of this line.

It is the reason you do not enter from the top but rather traverse in across the ridge.

If this cornice breaks while you are in there, you have nowhere to go in the first third of this line.

Don't mess around in there in late March or April if it has really warmed up.