A perfect scenic tour around Verbier whatever your ability.









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If you haven’t tried e-biking this is a great route with open paths but some good climbs to really test out an e-bike and showcases how much range you have to explore further afield. Setting off from Mountain Air and heading up past Carrefour to Croix de Couer (check the snowline), a great spot to take in the whole of Verbier and look down the valley to Sion on the other side.

Then taking the old roman road all the way round to La Chaux through the 3D sculpture park.

After La Chaux you can enjoy a long descent on fire roads cutting back to join the Route du Soliel, then to add a bit more interest I recommend taking a last ascent up to Clambin where there is the popular Chez Dany restaurant (closed in May) before cruising back to Mountain Air for a well deserved beer, ready to test the intermediate trail the next day! N.B.

With the late snow fall remember to ask the staff at Mountain Air about the conditions on the Roman Road that it is clear for bikes.