A great e-bike tour with some technical sections on the down and the up /









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This bike route from Verbier is ideal for spring as you are sure to be below the snow line. Straight out the gate you get a great descent with some technical sections (there might be a couple of corners you might want to walk but generally it is fairly flowing).

This trail starts with a beautiful single track through the woods out of Medran, before a short technical section which brings you out onto the Route du Soleil, head back towards the lifts and Medieres where you will find a more mellow descent on some wider single tracks (again some segments get a bit steeper, but it is only ever for a couple of turns, so don’t worry!) Eventually you pop out on Chemin du Diablay above Le Chable and you can work your way up this quiet road to Route Du Soleil before climbing on up to Chez Dany and home.

There are a multitude of routes and options in this area so enjoy exploring, but be aware that some are steeper than others, Tom has pulled together a good combination of easy riding with short technical sections to keep you on your toes.

For any advice, do not hesitate to find the staff at Mountain Air to help you find a route that is great for you to test out the fantastic range of e-bikes on offer in store.