This bike tour takes it some cruisey terrain before dropping you into some technical steeps.









FATMAP difficulty grade



If you are an experienced biker then this e-bike tour will keep your focus! With a good climb, followed by flowing trail that then drops you into some nice technical terrain.

From Mountain Air you have a climb to Ruinette through the woods of Verbier (check in with the staff in regards to the snow level and to ensure that you can get all the way up).

A relaxed bike through the 3D Sculpture park to La Chaux before dropping in to the descent. It starts open and flowing so you can get comfortable and relaxed on the bike before you arrive into the technical terrain at the tree line, the Commune Bike Trail Team have cleaned and shaped this route, which means you can really enjoy the fun technical switch backs, just watch out for one corner where if you get it wrong things can go seriously wrong - remember to take it easy the first time you ride new trails until you know the lay of the land.

Cruise back to Le Chable and hop on the lift (or replacement bus this May), or if you still have battery / puff then you can bike back up to Verbier.

Don't hesitate to ask the team at Mountain Air for their advice and you can always take a guide - we recommend Jon Wilson at Verbier Gravity -