A mix of cutblocks and open glades that are accessed straight from the Trans-Canada highway corridor.


5 - 6









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For a deeper dive into the route and detailed terrain photos, check out the post on Beyond Our Peak: https://beyondourpeak.com/corbin-pass-revelstoke-logging-makes-for-epic-skiing/ Corbin Pass is a truly accessible ski touring destination, directly off Highway 1, at the western boundary of Glacier National Park (Rogers Pass).

Literally, you clip into your bindings at the brake check parking lot, meters from the roaring highway.

The route starts at a lower elevation of 875m and is mostly south-facing.

Keep the warmer temperatures, solar radiation, and shallower snowpack in mind when planning your day. The ascent follows most of the Corbin Forest Service Road, making travel dull but efficient.

Around 1450m, the road ends and transitions into a magical old-growth forest for the rest of the ascent.

Follow the shoulder up to an unnamed high point to the east of Corbin Pass.

To the north, you'll get a spectacular view of the Tangiers Valley, Tangiers Glacier and Fang Rock, a towering rock spire. The descent is epic.

Natural glades take you down a boulder field and a fresh cutblock.

Keep in mind the avalanche hazard in the cutblock: it has a lot of wind-exposed terrain, some steep rolls and large planar slopes.

At the bottom of the cutblock (1200m), look to the east for a sneak back onto the Corbin FSR.

You'll ski it down to your car as the tree skiing below the cutblock is heinous.