A great warm up hike in El Chalten, which also offers great bird spotting.


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The hike to Mirador de Los Condores is a short, fairly easy jaunt to a beautiful vista overlooking El Chalten and the Andes beyond.

The hike begins directly from the visitor center for Parque Nacional Los Glaciers and runs 1.6 miles round-trip to the overlook.

This short distance makes it a great warm up hike before a long week of epic treks deeper into the Andes. The hike begins by following a wide, flat path toward the hillside.

Soon, the trail begins climbing in earnest via a series of steps.

The final pitch to the overlook does negotiate a rock slab that some hikers might consider a bit technical and might exceed the assigned FATMAP "Moderate" rating.

However, most hikers will have no problem overcoming this obstacle. The view from the Mirador is truly stunning! From this elevated vantage, you can see the small village of El Chalten spread out below you on the banks of the Rio de Los Vueltas.

In the distance, the jagged Andes soar into the sky, and you can spot the iconic Monte Fitz Roy and even the Cerro Torre.

If this is your first hike in El Chalten, you'll be awed by the scenery, and these views will only whet your appetite for what the rest of your visit has in store! The overlook receives its name from the Andean condor bird species, which is indigenous to this region of Patagonia.

The Andean condor is one of the world’s largest flying birds, with an incredible wingspan of up to 3.3 meters and a weight of up to 15 kilograms! The condor is a scavenger that feeds mainly on carrion, especially of large mammals such as deer, cattle and guanacos.

Unfortunately, the condor is considered endangered due to hunting, habitat loss, and poisoning.

Despite the wariness that some local farmers and ranchers have of the condor, it is a national symbol of Argentina and forms an integral part of the local culture and folklore.

The top of this cliff is the perfect spot to sit and look for condors flying between the river, the cliffs, and the mountains beyond. Sources: https://www.swoop-patagonia.com/argentina/los-glaciares/el-chalten/mirador-condores http://www.condordelosandes.com/ https://miradordecondores.cl/ https://argentina.wcs.org/en-us/Wildlife/Andean-condor.aspx