A coastal route that starts at the old fishing village of Papendorp and finishes at the Fryer's Cove Restaurant in Doringbaai.









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Starting at the old fishing village of Papendorp, along the banks of the Olifants River.

This trail sets off through the village and drops into a sheep trail which connects to the marshy wetlands of the Olifants River.

After 3km of cruisey running you pop out at the majestic Olifants River mouth connected to the wild Atlantic Ocean.

This is where you will meet the infamous 'swaar sand', you will run for 4km before a gentle climb up to the cliffs which will take you along spectacular views for another 4km before you reach the NSRI aid station to refuel and hydrate. After a 1km road run through the rustig dorpie of Strandfontein, you drop down into a coastal eden where you are out of site of the ocean and engulfed in the late West Coast Spring flowers.  You then drop down into a beautiful seaside cove to climb up on the cliffs and where your final 9km of breathtaking scenery meets you. During this time, you will bare witness to old mining scars of unrehabilitated coastal cliffs.

An unspoken slice of reality alongside the endless beauty of the ocean on your righthand side.

We then drop down to Fryers Cove restaurant finish line, where we celebrate our West Coast and the precious stretch of coastline under immense threat.