One of the most unusual and interesting sights in rural Yorkshire!


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Starting and finishing at Swinton Bivouac - a glamping site located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park - this is a classic Dales stroll to a famous and unusual landmark. The Druid's Temple is a unique and mysterious historical site, and despite its name, the site is not actually a genuine Druid temple but rather a 19th-century folly, built in the style of an ancient stone circle. The site is located in a secluded woodland area and consists of a circular arrangement of standing stones, with a large central stone that acts as an altar.

The stones are arranged in a way that resembles a typical Neolithic stone circle, with some of the stones featuring intricate carvings and symbols. Surrounding the stones is a network of paths and walkways, leading through the woodland and offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

There is also a small cave located nearby, which is said to have been used by the original builders of the site. Despite its relatively recent construction, the Druid's Temple has become a popular destination for visitors and has acquired a certain mystique over the years.

Many people believe that the site has an ancient and mysterious energy, and it is often visited by druids and other pagan groups for rituals and ceremonies. Whatever you believe, it's a unique sight and well worth the fairly small effort required to reach it.

The extended walk we've shown here is also highly recommended as it leads you through some typically bucolic Yorkshire countryside.