This short, easy walk offers a quick dose of nature in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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If you are looking for a short, easy hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Hidden Valley Nature Walk is a great option.

This 0.4-mile loop trail takes you through a beautiful forest and along a creek, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

You can also learn more about the wildlife and plants of the area from the informative signs along the way. The trail starts at the Hidden Valley picnic area, where you can find restrooms, picnic tables, and a ranger station.

The trail is paved and wheelchair-accessible for the first 400 feet, then it becomes a gravel and dirt path. The trail crosses a footbridge over the Hidden Valley Creek, then follows the creek upstream.

You can see the remnants of beaver dams and lodges along the creek, as well as some birds and small mammals.

The trail then loops back to the picnic area, passing through a pine forest with views of the surrounding mountains. The Hidden Valley Nature Walk is a perfect hike for families, beginners, or anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing stroll in nature.

It is open year-round, but it may be snowy or icy in winter.

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