A super fun out of bounds experience from the top of Lone Peak Tram









FATMAP difficulty grade



An incredibly fun, but sharky descent from the top of Lone Peak tram to the North East where the snow is most protected and wind deposited on the mountain.

After you get off the Lone Peak Tram walk to the very top of the ridge (about 20 feet) to find the small patrol shack where you are required to sign out.

The bowl is directly below you when you are standing at the patrol shack facing North East.

You will need beacon, shovel, probe and the knowledge of how to use them for this route! This route starts on a ridge line and then drops into one of two bowls.

The line we skied is the bowl on the skiers right but both sides will funnel you into to the very long runout at the bottom that drops you onto the Moonlight Basin side of Big Sky Resort.

Watch for rock bands in the middle of the bowl that will surely leave you with core shot if hit with speed.

Pretty straight forward descent but if you go too far skiers left you will have a hard time getting back to the resort without having to walk/skin for a long time.

Be sure to sign out at the shack at the top of the tram with Patrol and ski with a partner.