Rolling Out the Red Carpet to the 39xx Mountains



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When the season of "Haute Route" starts, the one in the Bernese Oberland is definitely a must for adventure lovers.

Going from hut to hut, on an untouched glacier, only dotted with crevasses and is where the dream of every mountain skier comes true. But this particular haute route brings up a very special feature: it connects some 39xx summits on its way. Because, again, why should only 4000 get the fame? With my partner, we have created a quite unusual route, 39xx mountains friendly, that allows you to both move from hut to hut, and discover some less crowded peaks on the way: the 390 to 3999m summits. Alternative: you can extend this route by staying an additional night in Konkordiahütte to do the Klein Grünhorn.

Topo to come! Summits: Gross Wannenhorn (3905m), Ebneflue (3962m), and Klein Grünhorn (3913m) Huts: Galmihornhütte, Oberaarjochhütte, Konkordiahütte Days: - 1st day: 700m D+ to Galmihornhütte - 2nd day: 1800m D+ to Oberaarjochhütte - 3rd day: 1800m D+ to Konkordiahütte (Gross Wannenhorn on the way) - 4th day: 1300m D+ to Blatten (Ebnefluh on the way) Can be extended with a day to Klein Grünhorn. Gear: ice axe, crampons, glacier kit, 30m rope.

A rappel is necessary from Galmihornhütte to Oberaarjochhütte if you decide to go through Bächilicke.