The southern segment of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail


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The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is a multi-use rail trail that follows the route of the historic Farmington Canal and the New Haven and Northampton Railroad.

Once it's complete, the trail will span 80.2 miles from New Haven, Connecticut, to Northampton, Massachusetts, passing through 11 towns and offering a variety of scenery and experiences. The trail is mostly paved in Connecticut, where it connects urban centers, suburban neighborhoods, rural villages, and natural areas.

You can enjoy views of the canal, the river, the mountains, and the fields as you travel along the trail.

You can also explore historic landmarks, cultural sites, and recreational amenities along the way, such as Yale University, Sleeping Giant State Park, Collinsville Historic District, and Farmington River Trail. The trail is mostly unpaved in Massachusetts, where it traverses forests, farms, and wetlands.

You can spot wildlife and plants as you journey through the countryside.

You can also visit charming towns and attractions along the way, such as Granby Center Historic District, Southwick Rail Trail, and Look Park. The section of the trail shown here is the southern segment, which covers 23.3 miles one-way.

Unfortunately, there are a few breaks in the trail which prevent a continuous rails-to-trails experience. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is more than just a path; it's a journey of discovery and inspiration that showcases the rich history and beauty of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Sources: Farmington Canal Heritage Trail & Farmington River Trail. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail | Connecticut Trails | TrailLink. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail - Wikipedia. Our Trails – Farmington Canal Heritage Trail & Farmington River Trail. Conversation with Bing Chat