An easy glaciated ski tour from the Campbell Icefield Chalet


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An easy, glaciated ski tour from the Campbell Icefield Chalet.

It's north facing so, great for a spring objective when south facing slopes are crusty.

The skiing is lower angle which makes it a great if there are beginner/intermediates in the group.

Crevasses are minimal but glacier ropes are still recommended, at least for the ascent until you've scoped them out. From the hut, drop the small slope to the left of the sauna (northeast).

Contour around the Bluewater Basin, heading southeast, until you are above Murphy's Trees.

Drop Murphy's Trees until you reach a flat opening near the start of Bluewater Creek.

Alternatively, you can ski the Christmas Trees to the same location or continue contouring high but, you'll need to negotiate a steep moraine wall just before dropping towards the toe of the glacier.

From this flat spot, put the skins on & ascend steeply through an obvious draw southwards towards the glacier.

A large moraine wall should be on your climber's left.

Once you reach the glacier, rope up & ascend the middle of the glacier.

Give the steep cliffs on climber's right a wide berth as frequent powder avalanches & cornices threaten from above.

The ridgeline at the top of the glacier is narrow.

Approach with caution & consider probing if there is any cornicing present.

The view of the ridgeline into the Waitabit Valley & Campbell Icefield is jaw dropping! Bring a camera! Descend the way you came all the way to valley bottom, stay close to your uptrack as there are crevasses on the left & right extremes of the glacier.

Easiest to just ascend up the Christmas Trees & contour your way back to the hut.

Hopefully someone has stoked the sauna for you while you were gone & has a beer on ice for you! Approx 10.5 km Hut-to-hut Ascent 850m