A day tour up the classic Kuhscheibenspitze, 3189m


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Kuhscheibenspitze, 3188m, is a great peak which you can enjoy all the more as you will be returning to the hut that night and you can strip down your load to carry only a light-ish day pack.

Leaving the hut you initially head back up the valley you descended the day before.

At about 2150m you need to head more steeply up to the R to gain the broad, hanging valley above.

The slope soon eases off and you skin more gently, in a slowly curving arc to the L, heading W, then SW, then S as you gain height.

By 2950m you are heading SE as you come onto the relatively benign glacier known as the Rosskarfirne.

The summit isn’t far away now, but you’ll need to leave your skis just below it and scramble to the actual top, with views to more than justify the effort you just put in! The usual descent is down your route of ascent, but there are other options, including a more direct line, with pretty steep terrain in the middle section.

You may spot tracks on the way up on this line, as you look up and left from the easy angled, broad, hanging valley below.

One of the many attractive features of this particular day tour is that it has a lot of N facing terrain to enjoy on the descent, so tends to hold good snow, relatively sheltered by the ridges that surround it.