One of the most visited rock formations in the Valley of Fire.


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Elephant Rock is one of the most visited rock formations in Valley of Fire State Park, as it is located directly adjacent to one of the main entrance stations.

Many visitors pay their entry fee and promptly pull into the parking lot to check out this visually stunning arch resembling an elephant. While you can simply hike up to the arch and snap your photo, the route mapped here forms a mellow loop that runs past the arch, along the road, and then deeper into the hills.

While the section of trail to the arch itself is highly-trafficked, you may very well have the rest of the loop all to yourself. The trail itself is sandy and rocky but not very difficult to negotiate.

One portion on the southwestern corner may be faint and difficult to navigate, but if you use this map as a reference, you'll be able to continue following the route as mapped. As you turn back east on the northern section of the loop, you'll have to climb a small rise to make your way back up and over the ridge.

Depending on your perspective, this rocky climb up the side of the ridge might exceed the "Moderate" FATMAP difficulty rating, but not by much.

The descent down the opposite side is even mellower and will allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of sandstone formations in the distance and small arches and windows next to the trail.