A strenuous long-distance trail run or fastpack trip leads to some of Washington's most beautiful alpine lakes.


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If you're looking for a challenging trail run with stunning views of alpine lakes and granite peaks, you might want to try this route which reaches Clarice Lake, Marmot Lake, and Jade Lake.

This 22-mile out-and-back trail takes you through the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Wenatchee National Forest.

You'll climb over 4,800 feet in elevation to reach three sparkling lakes in a remote and rugged area.

The trail starts from the Deception Pass Trailhead off Forest Road 4330, which may require a high-clearance vehicle in winter or after heavy rain.

The first 4 miles follow the Deception Pass Trail, which is mostly flat and easy.

You'll pass by Hyas Lake and enjoy views of the valley and the mountains.

At the junction, turn right and follow the sign for Marmot Lake.

The trail becomes narrower and steeper as it ascends through the forest.

You'll cross some small streams and encounter some switchbacks along the way.

The trail can be dusty and rooty in places, so watch your footing.

After about 9 miles, you'll reach Marmot Lake, a large and scenic lake with views of Cathedral Rock and other peaks.

You can camp here or continue to the other lakes.

To reach Clarice Lake, turn at the junction near Marmot Lake and follow the trail for 0.8 miles.

Clarice Lake is a smaller and quieter lake with a rocky shore and a waterfall nearby.

To reach Jade Lake, return to the junction and continue straight on the trail that goes around Marmot Lake.

The trail is hard to follow in this section, but look for cairns and keep left by the lake.

You'll have to navigate some snow fields and boulders in early season.

Jade Lake is about a mile from Marmot Lake, and it's worth the effort.

Jade Lake is a turquoise gem surrounded by granite cliffs and spires.

It offers stunning views of Mount Daniel and other peaks.

You can explore the area and find a campsite near one of the lakes, or just enjoy a picnic and some photos before heading back down.

This run is very difficult, but rewarding for those who seek solitude and beauty.

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