A steep hike and scramble to the summit of Pinnacle Peak.









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If you are looking for a short but challenging hike with stunning views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding peaks, the Pinnacle Peak hike is a great option.

This 2.9-mile round-trip trail climbs over 1,600 feet to the summit of Tatoosh Range. The trail starts at the Reflection Lakes parking area and ascends through subalpine meadows and forests.

The trail can be rocky and snowy, so hiking boots are recommended.

As you climb, you will get glimpses of Mount Rainier and the lakes below. The designated trail ends at the saddle, where you will be rewarded with panoramic views of Mount Rainier, Paradise, Mount Adams, Mount St.

Helens, and Mount Hood.

You can also see the other peaks of the Tatoosh Range, such as Castle Peak and Unicorn Peak.

This is a great spot to see wildlife, such as pikas, marmots, and birds. Intrepid climbers will, of course, want to finish the climb by scrambling to the summit of Pinnacle Peak, or nearby Plummer Peak.

However, be aware that these routes are steep and exposed, and require some climbing skills.

For an easier hike, simply turn around at the saddle and return the way you came. Sources: Pinnacle Peak Trail - Mount Rainier National Park (U.S.

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